Saturday, July 8, 2017

Baguio Vacation Home Away from Home

A nice sunny cool day in the Summer Capital of the Philippines , the weather is just right and it's your time to relax.

This is the typical scenery playing inside your mind right now as you think about that vacation you are planning this coming week. Since you are always busy with work, every day is a hustle, you need to get out of the city and just a 4 hour drive is where you must go or if you don't like to drive and want to sit back and chill, take the bus and in 5 to 6 hours you arrive safely in Baguio City at the Cordillera Administrative Region, Benguet Philippines.


Secluded in the heart of Baguio nestled amidst the luscious pine trees is where you will find your HOME away from HOME "Villa Silvina Hotel & Restaurant" which was fondly known as Villa La Maja in the past. Today, it is under new management and is slowly being restored to its former glory. It will definitely take you back time, a blast from the past because you will be reminiscing the "Old Baguio" feel.

Highlighted in Red and White colors, you spot it easily along the road called Outlook drive located just around the corner of the residence of the President of the Philippines which is referred to as "The Mansion".

Yes, you got that right, the hotel is just beside or should I say at the back of "The Mansion", a famous landmark in Baguio City since it is the vacation house of the highest seat in the land.

You will be magically transported in the late 60's to early 70's way of living because the hotel has that vibe inside and out. The interiors are classic and you will see a fireplace at the lobby and dining area which looks like you are just in your own living room which is very rare these days since most hotels are modern.

For your choice of what kind of room you prefer here is the website for the hotel

You have a variety of rooms to choose from...good for 2 or more...

The room rates are very affordable and amenities are just at par which includes your own Private Toilet and Bath with Hot and Cold shower plus Cable TV. WiFi is available at the hotel lobby and dining area. They also have a basketball court and badminton area. Breakfast is not included but you can order at the restaurant and you will surely enjoy it because it is prepared like it was cooked in your own kitchen.

Note: For the health conscious and fitness buffs, this is a good place to go to since your cardio exercise will be covered because the lobby is road level and the rooms are accessed via stairs at least going 2 flights down and up. Definitely something we all need these days, a good walk and to increase lung power.

Avail now of the RAINY DAYS PROMO , the right time to bond with your families.

So get your mobile phone and dial +63.915.767.9961 or +63.74.442.7239 anytime of the day or even at night your SUITE will be easily booked right away!

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