Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sayang "Kuya J"...

Finally we had a chance to bond tonight, after hearing Sunday mass we wanted to dine and since there are a few restaurants in Baguio City and most of the traditional are brimming with patrons or we just wanted to try something new, something different or something fresh.

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Located near the City Hall , Address: Travel Express Hotel, Shuntug Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines, Store hours is 10AM–10PM, Phone: +63 74 619 0822

Excited and eager to try their menu, upon entering the establishment, no one greeted us welcome so we just had to find a vacant table. No one offered their services or even to give us the menu for about 5 minutes so we waved out and asked for the menu...thinking highly of this establishment as it was being endorsed by a famous celebrity, we thought it would sort of stand out.

So we finally decided to order only to find out that most of the items in the menu were not available...since it was a bit hot than usual in the city we were contemplating of having a cold dessert, but unfortunately we were informed that halo-halo was not available...and most of the items listed in the menu was not available too...Sayang di ba!!!

After the staff repeated our order, we were informed that serving time was about 15-25 minutes...SO BE IT! Thinking that they noticed that 2 of us didn't have table settings they'd have the the initiative to provide but we had to call their attention and it was like they were surprised we had to ask for plates and utensils...if they could hear me thinking out loud I would say that "don't you eat at home and use plates and utensils to dine???"

We asked for service water but it was served halfway through our meals asking from 3 different servers until finally one of them remembered to serve us water... :(

The food was good but the portion was not good for families, it was more good for 1 to 2 pax.
Service is slow...inattentive to the customers, who are definitely there to eat because they are hungry. They should hire people who are experienced in the service industry not those who are just looking at the customers without the sense of delivering.

We saw a family come in, actually they were acquaintances and we greeted each other, we saw they browsing through the menu and conversing with the wait staff...for about 5-10minutes...when suddenly they all stood up and left in disgust.

At the same time we ordered for extra garlic rice and while waiting , still hungry and a bit on the verge of disappointment for the service...when the rice was served it was not what we another waiting game for the correct order. Until finally they got it right.

Still eating , I asked for the bill so my dad who is 86yrs.old could give his senior citizen ID to ask for a discount...and WOW, if it was the bill they were fast to deliver!!! Hahaha!

The price though affordable was not doable with the serving... sobrang bitin!!!

We got our change, then the wait staff named Victor said, salamat po balik po I said thank you also but at the back of my mind I was saying, never again~~~

We saw the family who left eating at the pizza parlor next door, I approached them since we knew them and said, good thing you guys left and did not order anything coz it was not worth the wait. I told them most of what you wanted to eat was not available, the food serving was not good for a family and the price was not at par with the portion of their serving.

OVERALL in my own personal opinion which I am sharing right now here at my blog...dining at "KUYA J" is two thumbs down!!!

Of course while leaving the place we all had the same sentiments and said that we'd never dine there ever least we tried the place and their menu...and their service :(

SAYANG..."KUYA J"... to the owners and operations team, please do something about this...your service and menu availability...if we locals cannot find solace at your establishment what more for the visitors...we can't even recommend your place to those who'd ask if there's a good place to eat at.

So if ever you are in Baguio City, PLEASE do not consider eating at KUYA J if you are quite hungry and in a hurry , you'll end up with a growling's not for a group or a family.

*Note: this blog is my own personal opinion while dining at the establishment and is not intended to discredit the name of the restaurant but a way to reach out to their management to improve service*

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