Saturday, August 1, 2015

the Kitchen by Chef Chris

My officemate said there was a new resto which opened recently called "the Kitchen by Chef Chris". It is a cozy nook actually an old house located at General Luna Road Baguio City.

We wanted to have lunch there since their specialty was ALL DAY BUFFET from 6:30am till 2:00pm which starts at P199. Very enticing!

So we have decided to pool our resources and even bugged our other colleague to get the resto's number so we can call and ask if we needed to have reservations or if we can just walk in. I even called and they said they had seats available and I also asked if they had parking...they said their parking can accommodate up to 6 cars.

We got there around 12noon.
There were a lot of guests seated in the ground floor.
So we asked the waiter how does the buffet go?
He said just get food from the buffet table and payment is after eating.

What was on the BUFFET table when we got there?
1. a little leftover arrabbiata spaghetti ...about a small plate since we were 3 we shared what was left...
2. moving on...there was a salad bar but not much choices, you see lettuce, carrots, jicama but not too prepped with what a salad bar should be...
3. on the next table, there were food but... first was fried tilapia head with not much meat to gorge on...
4. Rice! good thing there was still some rice...
5. Liver steak...
6. Lemon butter fish but the we couldn't enjoy the fish coz it was prickly.

There was champorado and cereals but I was looking for hot soup... there was none, a bummer because in Baguio esp. when it is raining you would want a hot soup for starts.

Then for dessert there was taho and there was brewed coffee.

We found a table on the 2nd floor so we tried to savor the food.
I got rice, liver, spaghetti and lemon fish. Plus champorado and coffee.
We read on the rules that YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN so we decided headed off to the buffet table again for a second round...BUT...BUT...BUT
we thought the food which was served would be colleagues told me that there was dried fish and fish the time I got to the fillet, I got only 3 measly pieces :( My officemate was able to get us some longganisa.

So I just went back to get champorado and best bet to get my P199 meal worth the effort and wait.

Since the food was not replenished afterwards, I even heard a customer who was with a group of 18 others complaining...
I heard the lady say this place was highly recommended but we are really disappointed because there wasn't much food on the buffet...
The lady at the counter, am not sure if she was the owner said, we're sorry but the time you came in we were replenishing...
but we were in the line with that group and there really wasn't much left on the buffet table to eat.

To make our lunch better my colleague ordered butterscotch cake hoping it could turn around our dismay...but it wasn't served right away...we had to follow it up even if the server who took the order said it was to be served right away.

Overall the place was nice. Old house with rustic Baguio charm. Ambiance was good too, the feel of a homey place to have a meal.

The food ---the BUFFET FOR P199 is not worth the price.
Wish there were more choices to eat, I mean I would understand since they started very early and they had to provide a lot of food to early birds but it was supposed to be a BUFFET...there should be a lot of food to choose from...or otherwise do not offer BUFFET just offer plated menu or ala carte.

There was also a notice on the wall stating that starting Aug.3, 2015, BUFFET would be priced at P229...but my question is would they be able to keep up with the people who would want to dine? Would they have a variety of food to serve? Will they be able to replenish without customers asking for it?

I hope the management would also try to look into the plight of their clients before offering something they cannot sustain.
On a scale of 1-10 for this dining experience, I'd give it a not sure if I'll go back but I just hope they will improve their services...then I might go back and even invite others. Check out their FB page:

This Blog Review is my own personal opinion and is not related to any other blog posts about this restaurant.

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