Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lost in Facebook

I'm waiting here at the Starbucks Shangrila Mall Edsa, I will meet with the sister of a former colleague from ABS-CBN Global who bought the camera of my friend. Inside the public commute I bumped into my best friend's mom, so I had to ring my best friend to tell her about it. I have 3 telephones, 1 PLDT landline and 2 mobile phones, a smart and globe pre-paid line, so those with unlimited text or calls can get in touch with me on both mobile carriers...most of my friends use globe and my family uses smart so I need to have both. OH WELL, nuff said about that!

I realized that way back in High School and College, I used to be a Telephone Monster. I'd spend hours talking on the telephone...this was during the era when people got by with life using telephones connected to the telephone post...some even had party lines or shared lines with other people since there were only a few lines available. I would talk to my friends for what seems like eternity, without caring and talking about non-sense.

In this technology age, where communication is done not only via telephone lines, but via mobile lines, internet, it, we almost have it by a click of a mouse or push of a button...I barely use the telephone! I don't have anyone to call on a regular basis, and to think I have a PLDT land line with me and 2 mobile phones plus our telephone at home. No one calls me, I get a few SMS every now and then, and once in a blue moon mobile voice calls. I rarely receive snail mail these days, I don't even remember the last time I got a personal mail. Way back in my hay day years, I even had pen pals to write to...hahaha! Nowadays, I have to check my email all the time to see if someone wrote me or not and that's funny too, most of my emails are subscriptions to websites.

I just wonder where have all the people gone to? I feel like time stood still and I'm lost. Are we really that busy? We barely get in touch with our families or friends, I guess we do it through social networking like Facebook. We update our lives through this, we keep in touch via games like baking life, farmville, farmtown, mafia wars, cafe world...we use the 'LIKE' button to tell them we appreciate them and that we care...we make comments to communicate or to let them know that we are still there. Have we become that robotic and lost the personal touch?

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