Monday, March 23, 2009

the manhole and the devil

when i opened my store i tried to fix the cover of a manhole in front of my store so no one would fall but instead it caved in because our local gov't. who constructed it, made it flimsy, the usual case scenario of pocketing the funds so most of the manhole covers in our neighborhood are broken. it is a hazard but not even the community officials are doing something about dad phoned the community hall, a community officer came over but just scratched his head seeing the problem and left...we called again but the community leader said they will probably have it fixed tomorrow if they have the means. "WHAT THE..." leave the manhole open enough to trap two people or three children if they fall in there...bad luck if they fall into it, right?!

i was on the verge of getting mad but GOD sent two angels to help me. these two boys were "mangangalakals" or those who scavenge the garbage for reusable materials to sell. they were my "alagas", i help them out by collecting plastic bottles and segregating them so they wouldn't go through the garbage for it. i also give them food once in awhile or water. they saw the open manhole and volunteered to help in putting the large block of cement back which probably weighed like 4 people. i asked my cousin and a friend to help out too. i gave the two boys some food & soft drinks and gave them a little money to help their families since they were very poor.

when you good to other people they remember you...i was surprised that they offered to help me despite the gravity of this task. i am grateful. i was counting on our local community officials but sadly they are never there to help their community...i am so disappointed, frustrated and sad because the Filipino trait of "bayanihan" is fading...except for these poor children who are willing to endure the hardship to help me out, to return the favor, the kindness i have showed them, the Christian values I have imparted to them...The CHRIST i have showed them. i am so blessed to have met them... was a good night i said to myself...until before i closed my store, the devil came by in form of drunkard who frequents our street. usually i refused to give this man money, he was asking for food, so i wanted to be a good Christian so i packed some rice and soup in a plastic container...when i gave it to him, he retorted "soup? that's it! just give it to the cats, this is dog food"...i couldn't believe what he said. i was tired and i was not in the mood for arrogance...i shouted back at him and told him how disrespectful he was because i shared with him our food and this is what he says...i told him never to come back and in my rage i cursed him...i wanted to hit him with my baseball bat to let him realize what kind of a man he was...

it was a bad move to get angry because i acted on my temptation. it was my mistake...and i am sorry for this, no excuses. i guess there are times when our human weaknesses gets in the way. we do good and then the devil hits you with his ally and lashes you to sin. whew!!!

this lent, i vowed not to get mad towards my bad neighbors and i was getting there until i broke my vow's exactly midnight as i am ending this blog...another day, another chance...hopefully i will do right later and make good again...for now, i pray for peace and a restful sleep.

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