Saturday, May 31, 2008

My first Muay Thai session ---

Last week I was in Baguio City and as a resident for more than 20 years I had my first "snatcher" encounter. The man was trying to get the purse on my pocket but he failed because I noticed and I was so pissed off that I wanted to kick his balls and push him down. Realizing that he might have back-ups and prior to this incident I dreamt I got shot or something like that so instead of making a physical move, I just cursed him "Putang ina mo, gusto mo pa mabuhay?" --- this was a bad reaction because I could've gotten hurt...but this also made me realize that if I knew how to defend myself then it wouldn't be that scary.

This made me decide to act on the situation...I need to learn martial arts. Luckily my good friend at work Myla Tan (who has been into the Muay Thai mode since we got hired) and has been asking me and some of our friends to join her at the Muay Thai gym, inspried me to take this sport into consideration.

Today, May 30th was my first Muay Thai experience. I was exhausted from work but I had to do this. Together with team mate-friends Madz and Kat we took the challenge. We met the Kru's (teacher) and Kru Janie (a very good Muay Thai medalist) taught us the basics. BOW-WARM UP - BODY STANCE-PUNCH-KICK-BLOCKING-AB CRUNCHES - COOL DOWN.
I was sweating like crazy and my old injuries (both ankles and right knee) were killing me softly..but I didn't give up. I did what the Kru instructed.

It was a great exercise and I'm sure to go back again next week. Now I can feel the pain of the activity all over my body but it's worth the effort. So I invite you all to MUAY THAI! ...try it and it will give you value inside and out...and a sense of high when you are able to do it properly. See you at the Muay Thai Makati chapter, Pasong Tamo, building across brooklyn pizza.

Muaythai History
Muaythai is the devestating "science of 8 limbs" from Thailand developed over 1000's of years.
The exact date of the creation of this fighting art is not known but it is widely believed to be over 2000 years old. Many other martial arts are believed to be this ancient though many of them were only created in the last 100 years (Aikido, Taekwondo, Karate).
Muaythai used to be referred to as Pahuyuth (multi-faceted fighting style) a couple of hundred years ago, but muaythai itself is only a part of the whole Thai fighting system that covers weapons and groundwork which many refer to as Ling-Lom, though this is not the correct name for it. Many people do not know about this "no holds barred" of muaythai and there are very few people that can teach it.

The Thais are a tribal people and have had to defend their country from many invaders throughout their history. It has been developed year by year passing from teacher to student for as long as the Thais can remember. Muaythai is often referred to as the science of eight limbs as it employs not only punching and kicking techniques but elbows and knees as well.
It could be said that Muaythai currently is split into two parts, the ring sport and the martial

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