Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Alive is the drive

Today marks another year of journal post...2018.
I've been in hibernation the past year and was not able to keep up and follow through with blogging... I apologize for the followers/readers of this blog, a big shout out to anyone out there who cares to see what I write still alive in this side of the planet.

Am sure most of us had challenges the past year and we tried our best to resolve each issues we faced...perhaps most of us found it harder than we expected but we kept on going because that's how it should go.

Life or Love is just the need to handle it with must learn each must never ever give up.

Not everything happens the way we want it to go but each day we must carry on...we must keep on going...

We are blessed everyday we open our eyes to a brand new only means that we are ALIVE.

Being alive means we have another chance to make things it a little better than the CHANGE you want to happen in the world. Not everything will be served in a silver platter, we must take in the cards as it is dealt for us.
To do something about it rather than stand still and keep on ranting about it.

There are plans, there are goals and it's really up to us on what the next step must be.
We are the masters of our destiny...but of course GOD will lead us on because He has already mapped out our lives even before it began...all we need to do is navigate it to its course with our sails in the right directions.

Keep on hoping, Keep on soaring, do what you must...reach out...never back down...move forward...remember that BEING ALIVE is your DRIVE!

Have a great week.
Young Man On Rock Cliff End Of Way by khunaspix

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Baguio Vacation Home Away from Home

A nice sunny cool day in the Summer Capital of the Philippines , the weather is just right and it's your time to relax.

This is the typical scenery playing inside your mind right now as you think about that vacation you are planning this coming week. Since you are always busy with work, every day is a hustle, you need to get out of the city and just a 4 hour drive is where you must go or if you don't like to drive and want to sit back and chill, take the bus and in 5 to 6 hours you arrive safely in Baguio City at the Cordillera Administrative Region, Benguet Philippines.


Secluded in the heart of Baguio nestled amidst the luscious pine trees is where you will find your HOME away from HOME "Villa Silvina Hotel & Restaurant" which was fondly known as Villa La Maja in the past. Today, it is under new management and is slowly being restored to its former glory. It will definitely take you back time, a blast from the past because you will be reminiscing the "Old Baguio" feel.

Highlighted in Red and White colors, you spot it easily along the road called Outlook drive located just around the corner of the residence of the President of the Philippines which is referred to as "The Mansion".

Yes, you got that right, the hotel is just beside or should I say at the back of "The Mansion", a famous landmark in Baguio City since it is the vacation house of the highest seat in the land.

You will be magically transported in the late 60's to early 70's way of living because the hotel has that vibe inside and out. The interiors are classic and you will see a fireplace at the lobby and dining area which looks like you are just in your own living room which is very rare these days since most hotels are modern.

For your choice of what kind of room you prefer here is the website for the hotel

You have a variety of rooms to choose from...good for 2 or more...

The room rates are very affordable and amenities are just at par which includes your own Private Toilet and Bath with Hot and Cold shower plus Cable TV. WiFi is available at the hotel lobby and dining area. They also have a basketball court and badminton area. Breakfast is not included but you can order at the restaurant and you will surely enjoy it because it is prepared like it was cooked in your own kitchen.

Note: For the health conscious and fitness buffs, this is a good place to go to since your cardio exercise will be covered because the lobby is road level and the rooms are accessed via stairs at least going 2 flights down and up. Definitely something we all need these days, a good walk and to increase lung power.

Avail now of the RAINY DAYS PROMO , the right time to bond with your families.

So get your mobile phone and dial +63.915.767.9961 or +63.74.442.7239 anytime of the day or even at night your SUITE will be easily booked right away!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sayang "Kuya J"...

Finally we had a chance to bond tonight, after hearing Sunday mass we wanted to dine and since there are a few restaurants in Baguio City and most of the traditional are brimming with patrons or we just wanted to try something new, something different or something fresh.

logo photo source:

Located near the City Hall , Address: Travel Express Hotel, Shuntug Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines, Store hours is 10AM–10PM, Phone: +63 74 619 0822

Excited and eager to try their menu, upon entering the establishment, no one greeted us welcome so we just had to find a vacant table. No one offered their services or even to give us the menu for about 5 minutes so we waved out and asked for the menu...thinking highly of this establishment as it was being endorsed by a famous celebrity, we thought it would sort of stand out.

So we finally decided to order only to find out that most of the items in the menu were not available...since it was a bit hot than usual in the city we were contemplating of having a cold dessert, but unfortunately we were informed that halo-halo was not available...and most of the items listed in the menu was not available too...Sayang di ba!!!

After the staff repeated our order, we were informed that serving time was about 15-25 minutes...SO BE IT! Thinking that they noticed that 2 of us didn't have table settings they'd have the the initiative to provide but we had to call their attention and it was like they were surprised we had to ask for plates and utensils...if they could hear me thinking out loud I would say that "don't you eat at home and use plates and utensils to dine???"

We asked for service water but it was served halfway through our meals asking from 3 different servers until finally one of them remembered to serve us water... :(

The food was good but the portion was not good for families, it was more good for 1 to 2 pax.
Service is slow...inattentive to the customers, who are definitely there to eat because they are hungry. They should hire people who are experienced in the service industry not those who are just looking at the customers without the sense of delivering.

We saw a family come in, actually they were acquaintances and we greeted each other, we saw they browsing through the menu and conversing with the wait staff...for about 5-10minutes...when suddenly they all stood up and left in disgust.

At the same time we ordered for extra garlic rice and while waiting , still hungry and a bit on the verge of disappointment for the service...when the rice was served it was not what we another waiting game for the correct order. Until finally they got it right.

Still eating , I asked for the bill so my dad who is 86yrs.old could give his senior citizen ID to ask for a discount...and WOW, if it was the bill they were fast to deliver!!! Hahaha!

The price though affordable was not doable with the serving... sobrang bitin!!!

We got our change, then the wait staff named Victor said, salamat po balik po I said thank you also but at the back of my mind I was saying, never again~~~

We saw the family who left eating at the pizza parlor next door, I approached them since we knew them and said, good thing you guys left and did not order anything coz it was not worth the wait. I told them most of what you wanted to eat was not available, the food serving was not good for a family and the price was not at par with the portion of their serving.

OVERALL in my own personal opinion which I am sharing right now here at my blog...dining at "KUYA J" is two thumbs down!!!

Of course while leaving the place we all had the same sentiments and said that we'd never dine there ever least we tried the place and their menu...and their service :(

SAYANG..."KUYA J"... to the owners and operations team, please do something about this...your service and menu availability...if we locals cannot find solace at your establishment what more for the visitors...we can't even recommend your place to those who'd ask if there's a good place to eat at.

So if ever you are in Baguio City, PLEASE do not consider eating at KUYA J if you are quite hungry and in a hurry , you'll end up with a growling's not for a group or a family.

*Note: this blog is my own personal opinion while dining at the establishment and is not intended to discredit the name of the restaurant but a way to reach out to their management to improve service*

Link to Kuya J facebook page: :

Kuya J website:

Friday, July 29, 2016

"Believe In Yourself Photo Shows Self Belief” by Stuart Miles

When you wake up each morning, you need to thank GOD that you are alive, you have a choice to live the day!
In reality, what happens in your life is brought about by your choices.
The attitude you put on is reflected from the moment you open your eyes,when you gazed upon the morning light and probably after saying a prayer, instantly everything in your brain is a motor engine, it is revving up.

You begin to think of what to do next, and how your day will go about.
If you need to go to work, or you need to cook breakfast for loved ones, or if you still want to stay in bed the whole day.
No matter what you will do next, it's all up to you.

Most of us, worry too much about everything.
Our problems come with us when we sleep at night, so when morning comes, here we go again.
It's easier said than done, but hey we are just human beings, and problems are part of our daily lives.
We want to avoid it and if possible get rid of it, but all we can do is find ways to solve it.

Staying positive and trying your best will help a lot because in this mindset you will feel that there is a way out.
When you need a job or money, of course if you whine all day and cry at the same time, this will not bring about employment.
You need to pick up yourself, update your resume, go out there and look for the job which will bring forth the moolah.

Don't stop until you get to your goal. No one said it would be easy, but doing nothing will not prove anything.
It is better to keep shooting for the stars rather than waiting for it to fall down and hit you on the head.
Well it's a crazy life and a vicious cycle, you need to face it and keep moving.

Say this prayer when you wake up:

Tell your husband/wife you love him/her. Tell your children as well...or if you're single, tell you siblings, your parents, your friends. Don't waste the opportunity to tell someone you love them. Grab it and Say it out loud.

Make the most of each day even if there are challenges to face.
Most of us are more fortunate than others...again, it's not easy but we must keep trying.
Everything has a reason and a purpose, things will fall into place.

Just believe in yourself, on what you can do, fight and if you must fly , go ahead for the only way to find out is to try and figure it all out for at the end of the day, what matters is how you spent the day trying than doing nothing.

After reading this, start spreading the love, hug someone, say sorry, tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Forget the hurt, the hate, the bad vibes, just throw it out the window and let the wind carry it to oblivion.

For now, just live the day...each day is new...begin and end it well for who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Be easy on yourself, smile and find a good movie to watch, don't forget to pray and everything will be fine.

FOTD - Food of The Day

This is an amazing find if you are looking for a good place to eat and you want to avoid the crowd at Session Road or elsewhere.

Nestled at the foot of Quezon Hill, Baguio City just before turning to Dominican Road.

It's on the right side of the street just above Jeff's Off Road shop. You won't miss it!

It's a cozy place to dine with good food and friendly staff.
We usually visit this place on a weekend after hearing mass and we need to have a quiet dinner together with the family.

Or even on weekdays when we need a decent meal...and all the places are just too far from where we live or frequented by locals and visitors.

The only feat is that the resto is located on the 2nd level and you need to traverse an outdoor staircase. Not too okay for seniors and for PWD, it's quite a workout but when you get to their doorstep, every climb is worth it because their place is so homey, you will feel welcomed and when you see what they can offer, it is just right on your budget.

Check out their menu which is simple but not the ordinary.

My favorite on FOTD's menu are the onion rings, pumpkin soup, eggplant with minced pork, pork belly on bbq sauce, pesto pasta, carbonara, sweet and sour fish, steamed chicken with ginger, the pork sisig, pizza and a whole lot more...too many to jot it all down here... :)

And if you are vegetarian, well you can order the brocolli and instead of beef they can switch it with tofu and it is one of the best veggie dishes I've eaten from a resto in the Cordillera.

The Food Serving is portioned well, on the average it is quite a lot if you are on a diet.
But for those looking for a full meal, this is a deal for you.



And that's to name only a few...the menu is not that fancy but everything is good to try.
We've almost chowed down a lot on the list but there's more to taste.
I suggest you start with something you are familiar with then going towards to something you rarely eat.
They also serve lemon mint water and of course they have smoothies and other drinks which can quench your thirst.

So if you are in Baguio City and need to grab a bite or two, you can check out this wonderful place.
I'm sure you'll enjoy the food and the will come back and try out more.

Something light, something affordable, something good to share with family and friends.
It's a quaint nook to visit when you are up in the mountains so please consider it as one of the places "where to eat" :)

FOTD Resto Cafe
Operational hours 10am-10 pm
Address: #2 2nd Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City
Mobile: 0927 778 8788
Facebook :

Saturday, August 1, 2015

the Kitchen by Chef Chris

My officemate said there was a new resto which opened recently called "the Kitchen by Chef Chris". It is a cozy nook actually an old house located at General Luna Road Baguio City.

We wanted to have lunch there since their specialty was ALL DAY BUFFET from 6:30am till 2:00pm which starts at P199. Very enticing!

So we have decided to pool our resources and even bugged our other colleague to get the resto's number so we can call and ask if we needed to have reservations or if we can just walk in. I even called and they said they had seats available and I also asked if they had parking...they said their parking can accommodate up to 6 cars.

We got there around 12noon.
There were a lot of guests seated in the ground floor.
So we asked the waiter how does the buffet go?
He said just get food from the buffet table and payment is after eating.

What was on the BUFFET table when we got there?
1. a little leftover arrabbiata spaghetti ...about a small plate since we were 3 we shared what was left...
2. moving on...there was a salad bar but not much choices, you see lettuce, carrots, jicama but not too prepped with what a salad bar should be...
3. on the next table, there were food but... first was fried tilapia head with not much meat to gorge on...
4. Rice! good thing there was still some rice...
5. Liver steak...
6. Lemon butter fish but the we couldn't enjoy the fish coz it was prickly.

There was champorado and cereals but I was looking for hot soup... there was none, a bummer because in Baguio esp. when it is raining you would want a hot soup for starts.

Then for dessert there was taho and there was brewed coffee.

We found a table on the 2nd floor so we tried to savor the food.
I got rice, liver, spaghetti and lemon fish. Plus champorado and coffee.
We read on the rules that YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN so we decided headed off to the buffet table again for a second round...BUT...BUT...BUT
we thought the food which was served would be colleagues told me that there was dried fish and fish the time I got to the fillet, I got only 3 measly pieces :( My officemate was able to get us some longganisa.

So I just went back to get champorado and best bet to get my P199 meal worth the effort and wait.

Since the food was not replenished afterwards, I even heard a customer who was with a group of 18 others complaining...
I heard the lady say this place was highly recommended but we are really disappointed because there wasn't much food on the buffet...
The lady at the counter, am not sure if she was the owner said, we're sorry but the time you came in we were replenishing...
but we were in the line with that group and there really wasn't much left on the buffet table to eat.

To make our lunch better my colleague ordered butterscotch cake hoping it could turn around our dismay...but it wasn't served right away...we had to follow it up even if the server who took the order said it was to be served right away.

Overall the place was nice. Old house with rustic Baguio charm. Ambiance was good too, the feel of a homey place to have a meal.

The food ---the BUFFET FOR P199 is not worth the price.
Wish there were more choices to eat, I mean I would understand since they started very early and they had to provide a lot of food to early birds but it was supposed to be a BUFFET...there should be a lot of food to choose from...or otherwise do not offer BUFFET just offer plated menu or ala carte.

There was also a notice on the wall stating that starting Aug.3, 2015, BUFFET would be priced at P229...but my question is would they be able to keep up with the people who would want to dine? Would they have a variety of food to serve? Will they be able to replenish without customers asking for it?

I hope the management would also try to look into the plight of their clients before offering something they cannot sustain.
On a scale of 1-10 for this dining experience, I'd give it a not sure if I'll go back but I just hope they will improve their services...then I might go back and even invite others. Check out their FB page:

This Blog Review is my own personal opinion and is not related to any other blog posts about this restaurant.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Seeking for the Ocean

Have you ever wondered how your life would be differently?
Each day I wake up, am grateful to be alive...I thank the Lord God for my life!
I shout out a prayer to the heavens for I am thankful for blessings and whatever is in my life.
Truly am showered abundantly...

But there are moments in my life that I begin to ponder, there are questions which lingers in my mind.
Where would I be if I made different choices?
I've always wanted to work in the resorts industry...a beach setting.
I almost got one but there were other plans set out for me I guess.

I wanted a beach life. :)
Where I could see the sun rise and the sunset.
Hear the waves splash, see the tide change and feel the sand on my feet.
See the grandeur of the ocean.

Now am closer to the sea but am settled in the mountains (which was my second option).
I enjoy the cold weather and even consider myself a polar bear (har har har)!
There is a sense of tranquility with life up in the highlands.
Something that the lowlands do not have..."slower phase of living."

So what do I want in my life right now?
I still want the Beach Life...but I also like the Highland Life...
Am not getting any younger and I want to do more.
Live my life to the fullest and not just settle.

I've had my shares of ups and downs.
I tried my best to show love...but I don't even know what true love really is?
As the years pass, it's like a roller coaster ride gone bad.
You don't know if you will get to the next loop or just fall out.

I've always been an itinerant and it's my natural frame of mind to be exploring and discovering.
I want to see places, meet interesting characters and make connections.
I just feel that for the past years, everything has changed and is on a standstill.
I feel older than I really am.

I want to feel the wind on my face again as I race through the tunnels of adventure.
I want to voice out my feelings without being accused falsely or shout out what I want to say without second thoughts.
I want to do what makes me feel alive without fear of anyone's nit picking.
I want to soar beyond the limits of my soul into endless possibilities.

Each day as Steve Jobs said, Don't settle...
Look for what makes you what makes you what gives your life meaning.
Do what will give you something to look forward everyday.
Don't wait...just do it!

You have all the answers to your numerous questions about life.
Turn it all around because that's the only way you can make a change.
Do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.
Keep moving forward.

I know the day will come when I will be able to look at this post and say I made it.
I took the journey and reached my destination.
Right now, I just keep on walking...
Until I find that ocean waiting for me to take into its big waves.